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Brew Bag

Innovation Cont.

Our original lineup of products found tremendous success in the market. However, through consumer surveys, consumer research, and the popularity of self serve options, our company needed to find a way to tap into this market. 

The Problem


Available solutions such as the K-cup were inoperable. Our combinations of tea and coffee prevented the pod configuration from working with machines.

Additionally, consumer feedback on these solutions was not encouraging.  Customers were concerned with the waste and low standards of brew quality

The Solution

To develop our solution, we stuck to the following Principles. 

  1. Compostable

  2. Portable

  3. Easy to use 

  4. High-quality brew

This led to the development of the Brew Bag.

Brew Bag ADV.001.jpeg
The Product

Our patented compostable tea bag matched the quality of a french press along with extreme portability.

Our custom paper allowed for the coffee and gas to release after hitting boiling water.

IMG-0255 (1).jpg
The Brand

This brand was designed to appeal to customers who are on the go and who take tea bags with them daily.

The look and feel of the packaging is tailored for the camping market and online customers. 

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